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Agricultural Extension and

Rural Resource Management

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South Africa


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South Africa agricultural policy envisages substantial changes to the agricultural landscape in the country. It seeks to ensure that the majority population which has been marginalised and generally denied meaningful access to the agricultural sector of the South African economy will now benefit from active participation in the sector. Achieving this vision requires agricultural extension practitioners with specific multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills who facilitate learning amongst farmers and rural communities and are equipped to support  their efforts to improve livelihoods, production capabilities and management capacities.




The Agricultural Extension and Rural Resource Management (AERRM) academic programme is designed to build the capacity of extension services through the provision of training and education that is relevant to the urgent issues facing agricultural and rural development. The programme offers a powerful combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in agricultural extension, rural development, agricultural production, farm economics and management.  The programme follows a challenging teaching and learning approach as well as a fresh approach to the theory and practice of agricultural extension.



 To read more about the academic programme offered click here.

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